Why join us?

Why join us?

by beheerder

EPIQ – European Partners In Quality – is an association formed by and for European producers of innovative, quality catering products.

We have established the EPIQ label: this informs consumers that products meet high standards for quality, innovation and sustainability.  

EPIQ is open to all European manufacturers of kitchen and catering products. The different levels of membership are designed to meet the different aspirations and needs of different companies:


You have a brand that you wish EPIQ to market for you in the markets you are not currently active in. You wish to market EPIQ group products in your own territory. You have your own sales and marketing functions, products, markets, sales and marketing force. You accept that other Blue members will market your products in allocated markets / territories.


You are a producer with / without a brand that you wish EPIQ to represent and market for you. Your current sales and marketing functions are limited.


You are an approved supplier / consultant to EPIQ

EPIQ – How it works for you

A select group

The market is becoming increasingly uncertain and sceptical. Foreign products are being rejected for inferior quality with increasing frequency. The demand for sustainability is greater than ever. And while there’s always an eye out for new, innovative products, no one is interested unless they’re of the highest quality. At the same time, there’s a select group of manufacturers who are renowned for delivering all of this and more.

We established EPIQ to help businesses grow. To raise standards. And to deliver the buying power of a combined group. You’ll only be accepted as a member of EPIQ if you deliver the highest standards of quality. You’ll need to manufacture innovative products. And they’ll need to be made with a clear dedication to sustainability and environmentally friendly practices.

You’ll benefit from the EPIQ label. It’s associated with quality, innovation and recognised extensively in Europe and far beyond.

There’s strength in numbers

This isn’t the only way you benefit. EPIQ encourages you to take advantage of our purchasing agreements for raw materials, our suppliers, product designers and packaging specialists. What if you have other needs? We are here to listen. Just tell us how we can be of service.

When your new product hits the market? It’s likely to become more successful more quickly. This is because EPIQ is active in an incredibly wide market. We give you access to a constantly growing network of dealers that extends across Europe and the Middle East, with representatives as far away as Japan and Australia. And this is just the beginning. We are always on the lookout for new sales opportunities.


Innovation is in our DNA. We are always looking for ways to improve and evolve. We want to enhance our range with new products and features. The ones customers are looking for.

This is why we help you to innovate and push your products further. We give you valuable feedback from customers and end-users. This way, you know how you’ve met expectations and how you can improve your products. You know what new products the market is looking for. But we also help you out in areas outside of product design. Thanks to our dedication to sustainability, you’ll always be informed when there are environmentally friendly materials suitable for use in your products. This gives you a distinct advantage over the competition. And ensures your customer gets what they’re looking for.


We regularly meet to discuss the following topics:

  • Annual Sales Conference (September / October)
  • Annual General Meeting
  • Occasional, infrequent meetings will also occur